Mare Nostrum Valencia Final Conference
Mare Nostrum’s partners final meeting on improving Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) implementation in the Mediterranean sea.
November 23-26, 2015, Valencia, Spain

EWRA Istanbul 2015
Dr. Georgios Sylaios from the DUTH team of Mare Nostrum will present the paper entitled: “Assessment of pollutant loadings from WWTP’s in Kavala Gulf” at the 9th World Congress of European Water Resources Association (EWRA).
June 10-13, 2015, Istanbul, Turkey

Blog Posts

Morocco passes new law to protect coastal zone
The law establishes that scientific data be the basis for the integrated management of the coastal environment, taking the impact of climate change on the coastal zone into consideration. Read more

Israel pioneering in integrated planning of territorial water and coasts
Israel’s Interior Ministry has begun work on an innovative policy document on the planning of Israeli “marine space”, including territorial waters and coastal zones.” Read more