Coastal Cleanup Day 2014: Rowing for a Clear Sea
Mare Nostrum Project initiated a kayaking campaign aimed at raising awareness of the need to protect the Mediterranean sea
September 18–20, 2014, Caesarea to Jaffa, Israel
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Plenary Meeting of the Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the EU
Mare Nostrum has been presented in the conference by Professor Rachelle Alterman
June 23–25, 2014, Athens, Greece
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Rowing toward clear seas, from Caesarea to Jaffa
Some 20 kayakers are getting ready to paddle the 60-kilometer stretch of coast from Caesarea to the port of Jaffa during the weekend of September 18-20, to raise awareness and mark Coastal Cleanup Day. Read more

Mare Nostrum calls for EU task force for setting criteria for coastline delineation
The EU-funded Project is calling on the governments of EU countries to establish a task force to propose uniform criteria and methods for delineating their coastlines. Read more