Mare Nostrum Valletta Workshop
Mare Nostrum Partner Workshop & PPGIS Training
November 10-14, 2014, Valletta, Malta

Coastal Cleanup Day 2014: Rowing for a Clear Sea
Mare Nostrum Project initiated a kayaking campaign aimed at raising awareness of the need to protect the Mediterranean sea
September 18–20, 2014, Caesarea to Jaffa, Israel
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Blog Posts

SPNI launches the Mare Nostrum Network
SPNI, one of the partners of the EU-Funded Mare Nostrum Project, said that it is creating The Mare Nostrum Network, a network of civil society organizations for the protection of the Mediterranean Coast. Read more

WWF: 30 meters of Italian coastline developed daily
In an extensive recent report on construction along Italy’s coasts, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) detailed changes occurring over the past couple decades, and pled for a halt to further development. Read more