Mare Nostrum Closing Conference
Mare Nostrum’s partners closing project meeting on the legal-institutional aspects of improving Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) implementation in the Mediterranean sea.
November 23-26, 2015, Valencia, Spain
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Mare Nostrum Academic Workshop
Mare Nostrum’s Academic Associates partners meeting for reviewing the Project’s outputs.
November 10-13, 2015, Haifa, Israel

Blog Posts

Mare Nostrum will present new findings and ICZM policy tools at its final conference in Valencia
Mare Nostrum Project is gearing up to hold its closing conference in Valencia, Spain, on November 24-26, 2015, to present findings and policy tools for improved coastline regulations and management. Read more

Mare Nostrum Academic Symposium held in Haifa
The Mare Nostrum Project is holding a three-day Academic Symposium focusing on the “Legal-Institutional Aspects of Coastal Zone Management: A Global Comparative Perspective,” November 10-13, 2015, at the Technion in Haifa, Israel. Read more