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    Mare Nostrum Network members brainstorm at Valencia conference

    Representatives of various NGOs who have come together to form the Mare Nostrum Network (MNN) held the network’s first workshop, on the occasion of the closing conference of the Mare Nostrum Project, held in Valencia, Spain on November 24-26, 2015.

    “We believe that creating collaboration opportunities between the MNN members is crucial to the successes of the network conservation goals and its sustainability. For this purpose we were able to organize a launch meeting and workshop with the network members, discussing the future collaboration of the MNN,” said MNN coordinator Rotem Bechor, herself working out of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI).

    MNN meeting in Valencia

    MNN’s initial workshop – spread over two days – brought together fifteen NGO representatives from ten different countries around the Mediterranean basin, Cyprus (AKTI), Egypt, Greece (ARCHELON), Israel (SPNI, EcoOcean), Italy (Blue Food Green Future), Jordan (ACPD), Malta (Sharklab), Morocco (AGIR), Spain (Hombre y Territorio, Ambiente Europeo) and Slovenia (Morigenos).

    “Our first objective was to introduce the organizations that make up the Network, presenting the diverse experience in confronting regional challenges of conservation around the Mediterranean and understanding the varied skills and case studies we now share as a part of the network,” Bechor noted.

    Each representative presented their organization and discussed its areas of expertise and history of involvement in conservation efforts, with an eye towards how their knowledge base and experience could be of use in consulting other NGOs and offering advice on difficulties they encounter as part of the MNN.

    “The next day we rolled our sleeves and begin brain storming towards our first collaborative project!”, Bechor said, adding that, “together we were able draft the next steps toward the network’s first international, Mediterranean conservation project.”

    This brainstorming involved mapping marine conservation trends, and examining their relevancy to the Mediterranean countries at issue, as well as matching the network’s primary conservation targets with member NGO’s perspectives and areas of expertise.

    More information and an outline of the MNN’s first workshop will be published soon in the network’s report, she said, calling on more coastal and marine conservation organizations based around the Mediterranean to join in MNN activities via the membership form, and visit the network’s online platform for working together and sharing knowledge on its website, https://marenostrum.openchannels.org/.

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