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Haifa, Israel, September 17, 2014 – The EU-funded Mare Nostrum Project initiated the “Rowing for a Clear Sea” kayaking campaign aimed at raising awareness of the need to protect the Mediterranean sea and coastline as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day, which will be marked on September 20.

Some 20 kayakers will paddle the 60-kilometer stretch of coast from the Herodian seaside complex at Caesarea to the biblical port of Jaffa during the weekend of September 18–20.

“Rowing for a Clear Sea,” a joint initiative of the Jaffa Port-based kayaking club Kayak4all and the Mare Nostrum Project, will take place for the tenth year. Participants will distribute bags and materials to the public to help clean up the beaches, while the kayakers will meet with different citizen and student groups to discuss the importance of keeping the Mediterranean Sea and beaches clean.

“The sea is a valuable resource that belongs to the public as a whole. Public awareness is key for the protection of the beaches and the sea. The Mare Nostrum Project, a leading Mediterranean-wide project, is happy to take part in the initiative as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day events taking place around the world,” said Mare Nostrum project initiator and coordinator Prof. Rachelle Alterman.

On the day, sailboats from the Herzliya Sailing Club will join the kayakers for a spectacular sailing flotilla. Coastguard volunteers will also take part under the aegis of Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection.

International Coastal Cleanup Day is the world’s largest volunteer effort to clean up the oceans and beaches.