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Mare Nostrum takes place across several partner countries, including Malta, Greece, Israel, Jordan And Spain.

Mare Nostrum partners include:

Technion, Israel


The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is a public research university in Haifa, Israel. Founded in 1912, Technion is the oldest university in Israel. The university offers degrees in science and engineering, and related fields such as architecture, medicine, industrial management and education. It has 18 academic departments and some 50 research centers. Since its founding, it has awarded over 95,000 degrees and its graduates are cited to have provided the skills and education behind the creation and protection of the State of Israel.

Haifa Municipality, Israel


The city of Haifa is the metropolis of the north, whose citizens make up a modern city that provides a solution for all areas of interest for a variety of populations that are in partnership, creating a rich fabric of life in a multicultural environment. In order to ensure the future of Haifa, it is important to continue establishing its stature as the “Captial of the North”, attracting regional citizens by providing a creative supply of quality, and metropolitan services.

Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI)


The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) is Israel’s leading environmental non-profit organization. For the past 60 years SPNI has been dedicated to protecting and preserving Israel’s natural resources, environment, natural assets and unique landscape. SPNI is working tirelessly with policy makers and in schools, youth groups and communities all over the country to create a sustainable future for Israel in the 21st Century.

Municipality of Kavala, Greece


The Municipality of Kavala covers an area of around 350 square km and represents close to 75,000 inhabitants, with 80% of them living in the city of Kavala. Founded in the 7th century BC under the name Neapolis, Kavala was a major regional port city under the Roman and Byzantine Empires, and today is the second largest city in northern Greece and the principal port of eastern Macedonia. The city is known for its well-developed tourism, academic institutions and industries, and is widely recognized as one of the most picturesque towns in all of Greece. The municipality seeks to capitalize on the city’s unique geographical position, at the crossroads of the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, while pursuing a path of sustainable and inclusive development and making the city a more attractive place to live, work and visit.

Municipality of Alexandroupolis, Greece


The city of Alexandroupolis is the capital of the Evros region in north-eastern Greece and has a population of some 73,000 inhabitants. The city developed in the late 19th century when the Ottoman Empire decided to build a railroad through the area, connecting the town with the famous Orient Express. Nowadays, the city is an administrative center and is considered a major portal connecting the European Union with the countries of the eastern Mediterranean, Asia and the Black Sea. Located some 40 km from the border with Turkey, Alexandroupolis is an important trade hub and sits at the intersection of road, rail, air and marine transportation networks. With beautiful beaches and important archaeological and natural monuments – including the Evros River Delta (an important ecological site), the ruins of the Roman city Traianoupolis with its thermal springs and the 12th-century Byzantine church Panagia Kosmosotira – the city is also an interesting tourist destination.

University of Thessaly, Greece


The University of Thessaly is a new and dynamic institution of higher learning. Founded in 1984 in the Greek city of Volos, UoT is today a highly esteemed research university with centers in the four largest cities in the Thessaly region of central Greece. UoT has close to 10,000 undergraduate students studying in 16 departments, as well as 1,471 graduate students and 1,148 PhD students. The university is known for the quality of its teaching, research, human resources and spirit of cooperation at all levels, as well as its prominent and dynamic position within Greece’s national educational system. The Department of Planning and Regional Development represents UoT in the Mare Nostrum project.

Democritus University of Thrace, Greece


The Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in Komotini, with campuses in the four major Thracian cities: Xanthi, Komotini, Alexandroupolis and Orestiada. DUTH is organized into two faculties, Engineering and Educational Sciences, and 18 departments, and is currently attended by 12,500 students. The Department of Environmental Engineering, which represents DUTH in Mare Nostrum, has undertaken over 100 research projects and studies in various topics and scientific disciplines, with the aim of promoting basic and applied research in the field of management and protection of natural and urban environments.

Ports Institute of Studies and Cooperation of the Valencian Region (FEPORTS), Spain


The Port Institute for Studies and Cooperation of the Valencian Region (FEPORTS) is a nonprofit organization that was founded jointly by the Valencia Regional Government and the Port Authorities of Alicante, Castellon and Valencia in 1998. FEPORTS aims to study and promote, in cooperation with other organizations, the growth and development of Valencia’s ports and guarantee their place in new maritime transport networks. The organization also sponsors training and R&D programs in a variety of fields related to port management and logistics, while taking an active part in professional organizations at the regional, national and international levels, especially within the framework of the European Union. FEPORTS also participates in projects dedicated to ICZM and integrated maritime policy, including the Maremed project and other initiatives.

Integrated Resources Management (IRMCo), Malta


Integrated Resources Management Co Ltd. (IRMCo), is an e-knowledge-driven research company based in Malta. With a portfolio of 15 EU projects in various environmental disciplines and its rich experience consulting with diverse groups of stakeholders, IRMCo is also geographically located at the historical crossroads of the Mediterranean region. With our use of innovative participatory techniques, including community mapping, we seek to empower local communities in the decision-making process, while utilizing locally drawn maps to resolve land-use conflicts. Our role in creating a community-based GIS for Mare Nostrum will present opportunities for sharing local aspirations across borders, while contributing toward optimum coastal zone management in the Mediterranean.

Interteam Content Services, Israel


Interteam Content Services specializes in providing effective Web marketing and social-media promotion services to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. The company’s expertise lies in running dissemination and visibility campaigns for EU-funded projects, increasing public awareness of their activities and identifying target audiences. Interteam also focuses on media relations, SEO, social media strategies and writing and copy editing of content, including press releases, newsletters, PR materials and blogs.