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Existing Knowledge on Legal-Institutional Frameworks for Coastline Management: The International, EU and National Levels

The first report of the Mare Nostrum Project compiles the country-specific legal-institutional reports of the project’s partners. The report provides information on coastal management programs, international instruments, and environmental issues affecting the Mediterranean.

Recognizing the key role of international law in promoting Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), the report reviews key international ICZM instruments, focusing on the Barcelona Convention’s 2008 ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean.

The report reviews cutting-edge issues confronting the Mediterranean coastline’s environments relevant to Mediterranean countries. The coastal environments of the project’s partners are marked by rising pollution levels, overexploitation of natural resources, and loss of biodiversity – all direct results of intensive urbanization and escalating tourism. Meanwhile, the loss of agricultural land has led to degradation of ecosystems, soil erosion and the loss of fertile soils and a mounting demand for water.

The country-specific legal-institutional reviews demonstrate that Mediterranean countries share many of the same impediments to successful implementation of coastal laws and policies, despite the variations in their laws, institutions, political regimes and cultures.

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MARE Nostrum Project First Interim Report