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Mare Nostrum’s main output is a Toolkit of Alternative Legal-Institutional Policy Instruments. Rather than the usual “best practices” approach, this toolkit will be developed “bottom-up.” The tool kit will include an assessment of impediments to implementation, and methods of gradually overcoming them.

Locally appropriate policies will be applied in several participating municipalities and disseminated across EU and Mediterranean countries. A web-based participatory GIS tool containing local planning and environmental data and designed to solicit citizen input and encourage collaborative planning and transparency, along with a multilingual website designed to facilitate communication between the partner organizations while communicating information about the project to the general public.

  • A model environmental observatory in Kevala, Greece, envisioned as a technical center for monitoring environmental quality and collecting data on socioeconomic and institutional change, to be extended beyond the scope of the current project.
  • A preliminary draft of supra-national legislation will be designed for Mediterranean countries, partially based on the knowledge and experience gained creating the Toolkit.
  • An assessment on the feasibility of establishing a Mediterranean Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Action Forum, which will interface with related international groups in order to facilitate continued evolution of the project beyond its 3-year timeline