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The Mare Nostrum project’s main output is a Toolkit of Alternative Legal-Institutional Policy Instruments. Click here for the project final report, including the toolkit.

Our other primary outputs are as follows:

  • The Mare Nostrum First Interim Report: Existing Knowledge on Legal-Institutional Frameworks for Coastline Management The International, EU and National Levels. Click here for the report.
  • The Mare Nostrum Second Report: Existing Practices and Impediments to Implementation – The Local and Cross-National Level. Click here for the report.
  • PPGIS tools and activities in four cities. Click here for details.
  • A model environmental observatory in Kavala, Greece, envisioned as a technical center for monitoring environmental quality and collecting data on socioeconomic and institutional change, to be extended beyond the scope of the current project. Click here for a full report on the Kavala ICZM Observatory.
  • The Mare Nostrum Network of NGOs. Click here for details.

Click here for a full list of Mare Nostrum project reports, with download links.