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Public Participatory GIS

Click here for a detailed report on Mare Nostrum PPGIS activities.  

PPGIS Practical Guide - The present guide sets out to define the use of Public Participatory GIS (PPGIS), adapted to suit particular requirements in the context of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) in the Mediterranean. It builds on the set up of an all-inclusive PPGIS community which integrates with the community fabric in the selected pilot areas of the Mare Nostrum project.

Download the PPGIS Practical Guide      

PPGIS Activities in Malta - The IRMCo team chose the following topic for the PPGIS activities in Malta: “Safeguarding and protecting the remaining Open Spaces in and around the Grand Harbour”.

In 2014, a series of seminars on ‘Safeguarding and Sharing our Open Spaces’ with the local communities and local councils of the Grand Harbour area, revealed that common concerns are shared by the Grand Harbour communities. The aspirations and visions expressed in these seminars demonstrated a strong sense of commitment to place and led to the birth of a Local Communities’ Charter which promotes a more holistic approach to the future ‘improvement’ of the Green and Blue Open Spaces of the Grand Harbour area.

Throughout 2015, IRMCo continued with the systematic mapping of the Open Spaces through field surveys and continued to receive ‘crowd sourced’ places of interest and eco-heritage trails as drawn by the local communities in the Grand Harbour.

Community members may submit their maps using the Malta PPGIS tool - Click here for details

Click here for video summaries of the PPGIS activities in Malta.    

PPGIS Activities in Haifa, Israel - The Municipality of Haifa focused its PPGIS activities on the issue of access to the sea from coastal neighbourhoods in the city. The aim of the project was to strengthen the public’s connection to the sea.

The Haifa project – “Hayam Shelanu” (Our Sea) – consisted of four key elements:

Click here for the Haifa PPGIS activities website – Hayam Shelanu Click here for Haifa Hayam Shelanu Facebook page

PPGIS Activties in Valencia, Spain – The subject chosen for the PPGIS activities in Valencia was the classification of stretches of the coastal zone within 500 metres of the coastline. The classification of the coastal zone as either urban or non-urban is crucial in order to allow for application of Spanish coastal law.

Given that the topic for this PPGIS activity was very technical in nature, the process involved only selected representatives of authorities and other stakeholders. It was not open to the general public.

PPGIS Activities in Kavala, Greece - The Municipality of Kavala focused its PPGIS activities on the Kavala Observatory of the Coastal Zone, which was developed together with our partners at DUTH. The Observatory is a GIS-based platform which provides information about environmental and regulatory aspects of the coastal zone.

The platform also provides a mechanism for direct reporting by citizens on any issue that they might encounter in the coastal zone.  For example, citizens might report on illegal development, unauthorized use of the beach or any barriers to accessibility in or to the coastal zone. The PPGIS process in Kavala was used to test and further develop the Observatory.

Click here to access the Kavala Observatory GIS platform.